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Absolutely thrilled to chat today with educator and author Tania Elfersy. She is the beautiful soul behind The Wiser Woman Project. Our conversation is about raising awareness and helping women through perimenopause and menopause.

During this conversation, we take a deep dive into:  

  • The narrative around perimenopause;
  • The signs of perimenopause quietly creeping into our lives way before we might expect;    
  • How Tania's symptoms quickly disappeared; and
  • The wisdom of our bodies.

Here are a few thought bomb takeaways:

  • It’s great to have these conversations, there is nothing to dread or be ashamed of when you change the way you look at things - the things you look at change;
  • The human body is innately AMAZING. When we let ourselves be open to that wisdom it will guide us through birth, puberty, perimenopause, etc.;
  • We often deny ourselves the space, time and self-care that our bodies, our innate wisdom is gently guiding us towards. When we say yes to someone else we are saying no to ourselves; and
  • Your body can only and will only ever act of love and your body is always brilliant.

I hope you enjoy this conversation.  

 Much love,


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