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Just Play

This week I have the pleasure of connecting with Nick Bottini. Nick and I went through Clarity coach training together. First and foremost he is a beautiful soul, as well as an author and coach working in the music industry. Nick has just released a book Just Play, it’s a beautiful read that I highly recommend to those who are curious about the connection between state of mind and flow state. 

In this wonderful conversation Nick and I talk about: 

  • The psychology of performance;
  • Mental health and the flow state in performance; and
  • The process of writing a book.

Here are a few thought bomb takeaways:

  • Mental health (being mentally healthy) is the same for those in the music industry, sports, artists, business, etc. it’s the same for all humans ;
  • Searching for the magic in the success of others is futile, your own magic is within;
  • Resilience isn’t defined by hard work, practice, etc. it’s something innate. We don’t have to search for it. It is within each and every one of us; and
  • If you go looking for ‘flow state’ outside of yourself you will go on an endless search.

I have to be honest when I first picked up Nick's book I was interested in reading it because he had written it. I wasn’t far into the book when I realized the message in his book is one that all humans, whether performers or not should hear. I encourage you to pick up a copy.

I'm loving the feedback and personal notes. If you have any comments or feedback please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Until next time: Be well. Be inspired. Be You.


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