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Conflict, we all come across it at some point in our lives. Whether personally or professionally it can ruin us or if we give it the chance, it can have a profound ripple effect of transformation. In this epsiode, I talk with Sebastian Eck about a fresh perspective for resolving conflict. Sebastian is an amazing human being who has a curiosity and passion for resolving conflict and a heart for peace and harmony.

During this conversation, we take a deep dive into:  

  • Conflict with self and others;
  • The power of deep listening in situations of conflict or difficult interpersonal relationships; and
  • What happens when people are not open to resolving conflict.

While this was a lighthearted and fun conversation, it was filled with some golden nuggets.

Often when we are dealing with personal conflict, it is the ego taking the lead. When we sit back and let our minds settle we give the opportunity for our own wisdom to shine through.

Here are a few thought bomb takeaways:

  • There is immense power in meeting people where they are at, not where we think they should be but understanding how they are seeing their world at that moment. I cannot state this enough.
  • When we show up to a conversation with no agenda and no attachment to the outcome it creates the space for true connection to happen. And when we have a true connection, there is power to make significant impacts; and
  • When we put aside our own personal thinking and reach out to someone we have strong resistance to, it offers a point of connection. From that connection, new possibilities arise.

I really hope you enjoy this conversation. Until next time: Be well. Be inspired. Be You.

Much love,


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